How does Encap-A-Cide remove odor?
First of all, it DOES NOT work by masking or covering up odor. It IS NOT an antimicrobial or sanitizer. It DOES NOT use oxidizers or troublesome, slow acting enzymes. The advanced odor removal technology used by Encap-A-Cide is both complex and amazing. Through absorption, encapsulation & chemical fixation, most odors are instantly neutralized completely or greatly reduced upon contact.

What kind of odor does Encap-A-Cide remove?
This amazing product removes obnoxious odors such as those caused by pet urine, skunk spray, vomit, mold & mildew, feces, organic & protein decay. It is very effective on odors associated with death such as cadaverine (a dead mouse is an example). It works to remove odors caused by smoke, putrefaction, doggie odor, etc., etc., etc.

Besides removing odor what other qualities does Encap-A-Cide have?
In addition to removing odor, Encap-A-Cide is a powerful film forming encapsulation detergent which contains excess brittle drying polymer. Unlike competitive products, it will not leave a sticky dirt attracting residue. It dries completely non-sticky, and actually helps dry up and remove sticky substances that may be present in the carpet and helps to insure that the carpet will stay cleaner longer.

In summary, Encap-A-Cide is a very unique, dual purpose product. It kills most odor on contact PLUS it doubles as a film forming encapsulation detergent, thus it will save you both time and money!

For more info see the technical bulletin, MSDS and label.