Dirt Axe



"Dirt Axe" has exceptional grease cutting power and cleansing action. It penetrates, breaks up and emulsifies the oily film that binds dirt particles to carpet fibers. Its grease & oil cutting power is accomplished without petroleum distillates, butyl, enzymes or phosphates.

Dirt Axe is more than 99.8% readily biodegradable at use dilution.

Dirt Axe is no less than fantastic for greasy or neglected carpet, but it is still safe for stain resist residential nylon when mixed at 4 ozs per gallon of water.

Dirt Axe will simply make any job go quicker and easier without worry of leaving a dirt attracting residue. If you dry some of the undiluted product in a shallow dish or saucer, it simply dries to an encapsulating film.

For more information, see the technical bulletin and MSDS.