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Designed for use with a Cimex machine and other low moisture rotary type machines that utilize on board spray or gravity fed systems.

Gives professional carpet cleaners an excellent visual foam indication of how much cleaning solution is being applied.

Mex-Magic is a unique blend of plant-based & other GREEN surfactants coupled with a brittle drying copolymer. It is very safe and environmentally friendly with over 99.6% readily biodegradable ingredients at use dilution.

Does not contain any petroleum distillates, butyl, enzymes, phosphates, etc.

Side-by-side tests with competitive products, even the ones that aren't GREEN, will easily convince you of both its SUPER cleaning power and its ability to remove mal-odor.   

Dilution rate for most carpet is 2 - 4oz per gallon of water!

NOTE: Not sold or authorized by Cimex. Neither The Cleaner Image or VacAway is associated in any way with Cimex.

For more info see the technical bulletin, MSDS and label.