Blend-N-Mend (Quart)



Blend-N-Mend is a proprietary combination of advanced polymers and other non-toxic ingredients which help restore the way damaged, dingy carpet fibers reflect light.


The problem: Over time, high traffic areas begin to show wear due to soil and heavy foot traffic. The fibers become scratched or frayed; they no longer reflect light as well as the rest of the carpet. The lack of light reflection causes even a newly cleaned carpet to appear dirty, dingy, gray or just plain “uglied out”.


The solution: Now, with Blend-N-Mend, the lost reflective properties of such a carpet can be rejuvenated or restored to an acceptable condition. You no longer need to suggest that the carpet cannot be saved or must be replaced.


Blend-N-Mend comes in three colors:  White, Beige or Gray.



For more info see the technical bulletin, MSDS and label.