Odor Death



How does Odor Death remove odor?
First of all, it DOES NOT work by masking or covering up odor.   It DOES NOT use  troublesome, slow acting enzymes.   It uses the oxidizing power of Stabilized CLO2  technology. 

What kind of odor does Odor Death remove?
This amazing product removes obnoxious odors such as those caused by pet urine, skunk spray, vomit, mold & mildew, feces, organic & protein decay.  It is very effective on odors associated with death such as cadaverine (dead mouse).  It works to remove odors caused  by urine, smoke, putrefaction, doggie odor, etc., etc., etc.

Besides removing odor what other qualities does Odor Death have?
It can be added to most cleaning presprays to create a dual purpose application. It will not leave a sticky dirt attracting residue.  It dries completely non-sticky.

See technical bulletin and SDS for more information.