Hot Knife X-treme



Hot Knife X-treme is the world’s most powerful crystallizing encapsulation detergent and is a replacement formula for its very popular predecessor "Hot Knife".

Hot Knife X-treme is a completely new formula.  It does not contain any butyl or other possibly harmful chemicals yet it out cleans the older formula by a wide margin.  It is very environmentally friendly... over 99.7% readily biodegradable and has a very light, pleasant scent.

It has exceptional grease cutting power and cleansing action which penetrates, breaks up and emulsifies the oily film that binds dirt particles to carpet and upholstery fibers.

Its grease and oil cutting power is especially important when cleaning "Oil-Loving" fibers such as Olefin and Polyester.

For more info see the technical bulletin and MSDS.